Bokashi natural microbe fertilizer

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Bokashi is a wheat bran substrate that has been inoculated with the consortium of probiotic beneficial microorganisms known as EM. This includes several species of bacillus bacteria, a purple non sulfur bacteria, rhydopseudomonas palustris, a fermentive fungi, saccharomyces cerevisiae, and actinomycetes bacteria. The substrate is mixed with other natural plant and mineral inputs and fermented to increase beneficial microbiology and biologically available minerals and nutrients.
Bokashi is fermented for several weeks then dried and cured to promote bacterial and fungal sporulation and complete colonization of the substrate.
Bokashi can be used as a biological fertilizer, adding minerals nutrients, and beneficial microbes populations to the soil system that can also increase nutrient cycling capacity, and suppress pathogens through selective out competition.
Bokashi can also help increase soil organic matter carbon storage and water holding capacity. scientific studies show EM bokashi has the ability to increase both quality and yield in most agricultural crops.
Directions for Use
Soil building/Compost activation: Mix 2-3% total volume into soil or soilless mix
Container Top Dress: Add 2-4 Tbsp per gallon of soil
Compost Tea: Add 1/4 cup to ever 5 gallons of water or nutrient solution, and brew 24-48 hours.
Derived From: Wheat Bran, EM1 (Effective microorganisms), molasses, kelp meal, alfalfa, calcium phosphate, oyster shell flower, crustacean meal, soy hydrolysate, Langbeinite, humic acid, azomite, and sea minerals.

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