Smart carbon Complex Humate


DIRECTIOND FOR USE: Add 10 ml per liter of water (37 ml per gallon) use bi-weekly (once every other week) during transition from vegetative to flowering. or as needed.

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Smart Carbon Complex Humate is a one part concentrated liquid carbon-based fertilizer. This specialized formulation contains all of the macro and micro elements vital for plant growth. Complex humate contains 15% organic matter in the form of carboxylic acid (humic/fulvic acid). The carboxyl group molecularly binds to the macro and micro molecules making them metabolically available for plant uptake. Studies have shown an increase in crop quality, yield and an increase in soil biology using carbon based fertlizers.

*Increases free living soil and rhizosphere microorganism populations.

*serves as an organic catalyst for all plant functions.

*improves trace element nutrition through chelation.

*improves the quality, flavor, color and yield of harvested crops.

*affects the release of plant nutrients by organic decomposition.

*holds and keeps exchangeable plant macro and micro elements in available form.

*improves soil physical properties.

*improves crop ability to withstand abiotic and biotic stress factors.

*increases soil carbon.

*increases soil moisture and soil water holding capacity.

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