Granular potassium sulfate


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Potassium is a regulator of essential metabolic processes including the activation of over 60 enzymes, stomatal opening and water use efficiency, photosynthesis, the formation and translocation of starch, sugars, growth hormones, and is involved in protein synthesis.

Potassium promotes stock strength, and protects against drought, disease, biotic and abiotic stress factors.

K is one of four major Soil cations K, Ca, Mg, Na. It can be antagonistic to magnesium and calcium. High levels of potassium can lock out calcium manganese and magnesium In Soil and MAY speed deficiency symptoms. High levels of calcium magnesium or sodium can lock out and antagonize potassium.

Dry weather, low relative humidity, poor soil aeration/drainage and soil compaction are factors that can limit root growth in soil’s and the ability for roots to “mine” potassium.

Deficiency symptoms include interveinal chlorosis, weak stocks, retarded root growth, reduction and yelled, and purple streaking and stems in stocks.

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