Granular Rock Phosphate


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add .5-3 lbs of rock phosphate per yard of soil as a top dress at the beginning of each cycle or as needed.

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Phosphorus main function is to supply the plant with ATP adenine triphosphate the biological exchange currency of all cellular mechanics.

P aids in the transformation of solar energy into chemical energy and is responsible for plant maturity and stress mitigation.

Phosphorus aids root growth development and is involved in the formation of oil’s, sugars, and starches. It is utilized by plants to form nucleic acids that regulate proteins synthesis.

Phosphorus deficiency includes stunted growth, delayed maturity, abnormal brown purpleish coloring on older foliage, and poor fruit and seed development.

Cold soil temperature over saturated soils reduce the availability and conversion of phosphorus into phosphate as it falls into solution.

Phosphorus can become unavailable in Soils with low pH >6.0 due to natural reactions with iron, manganese and aluminum hydroxide that create insoluble bonds.Soils with a pH value above 7.2 can also reduce phosphorus availability.

Soil’s with a pH value over 7.2 can decrease phosphorus availability.

High availability of iron and calcium can limit phosphorus uptake and availability.

Elevated levels of phosphorus can limit iron and zinc availability and may exacerbate deficiency symptoms.

High microbial biomass In soil can help increase and cycle phosphorus into biologically available phosphate.



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