Humate Fertilizer Bundle


smart carbon is an organic fertilizer that uses Humic/Fulvic acids to moleculary chelate all of the macro and micro nutrients and delivers them in a homogeneous solution that is metabolically available at the root zone, Smart Carbon Humate fertilizer has a higher nutrient use efficency than chemical fertilizers, is more cost effective and doest have the negative envriomental impact.

Carbon based fertilizers have been shown to :

Deliver micro and macro nutrients in a metebolically available form.

Increases rhizosphear/free living soil micro-organisms  diversity and populations.

Improves trace element nutrion through chelation

Increases the release of plant available nutrients by organic decomposition.

Enhances Nutrient availability through superior exchange and buffering properties.

Holds exchangeable plant macro and micronutrients.

Speeds plant recovery time after damage.

Aids to decrease stress deterioration from biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Increases the permeability of plant membranes and seed germination capacity.

Participates in the decomposition of soil forming rocks, minerals, and organic matter helping aid in the creation of new soil.

Assists in balancing PH.

Eliminates the need for conventional chemical fertilizers.


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This bundle includes all three carbon-based humate fertilizers.

  • N Humate – 1L-2L
  • Complex Humate – 1L-2L
  • K Humate – 1L-2L
Weight 7 lbs

3 liter, 6 liter


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