Microbe+ Probiotic Stimulant Liter


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Microbe+ is a concentrated liquid microbial inoculant that contains a probiotic consortium of beneficial microorganisms also known as EM
Research shows that this consortium of microorganisms has the power to cycle nutrients in soil, out-compete pathogens, and has been shown to be effective against a wide range of soil borne pathogens as well as pathogens associated with the plants phyllosphere.
EM has been shown to be effective for bioremediation caused by pesticides heavy metals and toxins and is an effective treatment for sewage and waste remediation.
Microbe + can be used to increase indigenous soil microbial populations and help sustain biological soil systems, increase nutrient cycling capacity protect crops from biotic and abiotic stress factors, while increasing crop quality and yield through the production of bacterial and fungal secondary metabolites and plant growth regulators (PGR’s). Be sure to check out our education section for more information, tips, tricks, and more!


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