Microbe+ Probiotic Stimulant Liter


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add 10ml per liter of water (37ml per gallon) and water into soil once weelky.

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Microbe+ is a liquid microbial inoculant that contains a probiotic consortium of beneficial microorganisms.
This powerful formula works to increase soil microbe populations and diversity.
Microbe+ aids in nutrient cycling, pathogen suppression and increases resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors.
The metabolites produced by the microbes contain PGRs plant growth regulators aiding in plant development.
Contains non-plant food ingredients; bacillus plantarum bacillus Casei, bacillus Fermentum, bacillus Delbrueckii, bacillus subtilis, saccharomyces and seudomonans palustris
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